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May 8, 2014
@ 4:24 pm

Todoist’s New File Support in the News

Some press clippings from our most recent Todoist announcement about adding Dropbox, Google Drive AND native file support. Top coverage included: TheNextWeb, Engadget, Lifehacker, iClarified, and Android Police, among others. 


May 7, 2014
@ 12:19 pm

Yo.Comunico– Campaign in Chile and Colombia

During March and April, we had the pleasure of working with Miguel and Marco from Yo.Comunico, a startup originally from Italy that lets users report problems like potholes and burned out street lights directly to municipalities. In fact, in Italy, their system has helped solve nearly 7,000 problems in the via pública. We immediately loved the idea and were thrilled to partner with them in their quest to expand throughout the region.

As part of Start-Up Chile, they’re working on implementing their software and apps here in LatAm– starting with Chile and Colombia. With the help of my friend and PR pro, Katherine in Colombia, we did a two-month press campaign focused on publications that funcionarios públicos and people interested in technology tend to read.

Among others, we made the front page of both and EMOL, two of the most important news sites in Colombia and Chile, respectively:

We also secured coverage twice in Chile’s El Mercurio (first in section B, then in section A) and in Colombia’s El Tiempo:

We’re looking forward to Yo.Comunico’s success in LatAm :) It’s an extremely worthwhile app that can significantly reduce the amount of (already exorbitant) tramites in the local municipalities. Vamos chicos! 


Apr 8, 2014
@ 5:24 pm

Saving the Planet with allGreenup: Our Recent Press Campaign

In January, we started working with allGreenup, a startup founded by two Chilean cousins that seeks to help people lead more sustainable lives. Who wouldn’t want to get on board?!

The app, free for iOS and Android, awards you points for doing things like recycling (they have the largest database of recycling spots in Chile), riding your bike (they’re integrated with Runkeeper), sharing your car, and reading “green” news. You can exchange your points at really cool local stores like Arte Cultivo, the Retro Vision store or Clementina (yum!), or doing activities like rafting or skiing (they have a discount with Valle Nevado).

Their energy is infectious and is so characteristic of a startup :) They have millions of ideas and it’s so fun to see them develop and take form (stay tuned– this week they’re launching a video game alongside Reforest Patagonia, a former client of ours).

Our press campaign originally began to help position them both in the tech and sustainability crowds here in Chile. It didn’t take long for the media to latch on– the app has a great UX, it’s enticing to use as it gamifies your green activities, and is so necessary for Chile, where a culture focused on sustainability is still extremely nascent. Recycling isn’t massive here by any means… yet. And in walks allGreenup :)

They’ve been featured, among many others, in the likes of:

Follow allGreenup on Twitter or find them on Facebook. And, obviously, download their app! 


Apr 3, 2014
@ 3:02 pm

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Waiting for the latest issue of your favorite magazine that your client happens to be featured in…




Jan 24, 2014
@ 3:17 pm

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How Maintaining your Startup’s Vision Can Make you More Successful in the Press

Though it’s written in most of our press materials, I’m not sure many people know that Todoist has been in the making since 2007. The calculated and steady ascension of the software and apps to fame and serious user-loyalty has been driven by a consistent dedication to outstanding design, impeccable functionality, and significant technological depth– traits that I tend to see lacking in many of today’s startups.

Maintaining a strong vision, since day one, of your company’s backbone, how the software/products should look and feel, and how the company should be presented both internally and externally is certainly not easy. It is something I hands-down, wholeheartedly commend Amir, Todoist’s founder, for excelling at day by day– and with a team that spans five continents! So many startups and founders get distracted by superfluous trends that come and go and let the vision of their company/products/service slip through their hands when accepting and taking to heart errant or misguided advice from people who claim to know the best for the company.

When the trend (and even startup societal pressure) is to pivot and to iterate to seemingly no end, how can you maintain the core vision of your company? It’s a business-esque balance beam from which, unfortunately, many founders tend to fall.

That’s why, I have to say, it is so inspiring to be a part of Doist (Todoist’s umbrella company). When you and your team can feel a company’s mission and vision ingrained in everything you do, it’s a true inspiration. This, I believe, allows for people– founders, developers, employees, etc– to excel further in their endeavors and create products that have far more profound meaning. That is why I think Todoist has become such an outstanding software that so many people cannot live without (including yours truly). And, consequently, why the press is so receptive to our announcements. One journalist I contacted during our campaign for Todoist Next had a Todoist Premium account until, like, 2060. She’s trusting everything she does to our software for another half century! Just amazing!

It’s not easy to create products and services (especially in the ever evolving tech scene!) that will last, well, even ten years. Twenty? Thirty? The chances get slimmer. But I have faith that Todoist could be one of those companies standing the test of time.

Without further adieu, here’s a small selection of English-speaking press outlets that covered Todoist Next this last week:

Cult of Mac | Engadget | LifeHacker | Android Authority | GigaOM | TechCrunch | Appadvice

And I just couldn’t resist making another…



Jan 17, 2014
@ 4:30 pm

Seahorse– la app para fotos– and our most epic campaign!

We’ve been working with Seahorse, a new application for iPhone and Android created by Daniel and Oskar, the founders of Needish/Clandescuento (and therefore Groupon LatAm), since December and, I gotta say, it’s been our most EPIC press campaign yet!

I’ve only posted the Las Ultimas Noticias article that came out in December because we’ve been going so full-steam and keep getting coverage all over Latin America– I was too antsy-pants to upload more news about the campaign to the blog. But, man, it’s truly been awesome.

From the Diario Financiero, to 24 Horas (airing tonight!), Publimetro, FayerWayer, El Mercurio, and The Next Web, Seahorse has literally been unstoppable since their launch in Chile in December (37 publications and counting in less than two months!). Journalists and readers have been very anxious to hear about what Daniel and Oskar have been up to since Groupon– they’re basically entrepreneurial stars around these parts :) It’s been a great experience to work with them and to have them motivating us during these last two months to seriously dominate all headlines around the continent.

Without further adieu, this is the first GIF I’ve created in my short, yet emphatically GIF-obsessed life. Look who’s going to be unstoppable now. #sorrynotsorry



Dec 16, 2013
@ 8:49 am

Seahorse in LUN (ftw!)


Seahorse, the new app created by the Groupon LatAm guys (and new client of ours!) made almost a whole page today in Las Ultimas Noticias! It’s even more exciting because, yesterday, the final elections were held in Chile which means that a lot of newspapers will be sold today :) 

Special thanks to Gabriel Esteffan! Read the full article here.


Dec 9, 2013
@ 10:07 am

Nubelo Raises $1.3M and rocks the world!

Nubelo’s been a client of ours since March and they’ve been on the up since day one. It was so exciting to be a part of the announcement that they’d raised a new seed round of $1.3M and acquired their Brazilian competitor, Prolancer. Basically, they’re gonna take over the freelancing world :) 

Here are some articles from the Chilean/LatAm press sharing the announcement: 

Geek’s Room | EMOL | AndesBeat | PulsoSocial | Innovació

And, unrelated to the funding announcement (but equally as awesome), La Tercera ran this article about freelancing in Chile in their newspaper this past Sunday, the 8th of December (nice little pre-Birthday present to moi!!): 

Menores costos impulsan mercado de profesionales freelance" with an interview with Jorge Araujo, Nubelo’s co-founder.


Dec 3, 2013
@ 3:23 pm

Next Girls in Tech Chile meetup (auspiciado por mis queridos Dentalink!)! 
Sign-up here on See y’all there!

Next Girls in Tech Chile meetup (auspiciado por mis queridos Dentalink!)! 

Sign-up here on See y’all there!


Nov 29, 2013
@ 12:43 pm

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Los digitales 2013

Este grupo de nueve jóvenes de entre 20 y 35 años está cambiando la manera de hacer las cosas, digitalmente hablando, en Chile. Ya sea desde el marketing, la política, el diseño, como emprendedores  o simplemente arriesgándose, saben que el buque que manejan va bien encaminado.

Thrilled to have been featured in this special report in Revista Qué Pasa!!!